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How to Market Business Online – Start Here

how to market business online

How to Market Business Online - Where to Start for Your Small Business

This is a handy list of resources to step you through the process.

1. Your business goals, audience and positioning

You can't start marketing your business until you are clear on the goals, who you are selling to and your positioning in the market place. These are things that you will use everyday when you write content, create an ad, choose a new channel to promote your business.

Use this handy Marketing Checklist I've created which makes for a useful quick reference you can keep posted to the wall or in your diary.

2. Create digital plan

No need to blow this out into a 20-page document, instead, focus on looking at the 'purchasing' behaviour based on where people go and what they look for. You can then identify what you need to do, from website content to your socials or search.

This article provides a step-by-step process for creating a digital marketing action plan - it will help you get started quickly and to focus on what will have the biggest impact.

The Customer Journey Map

3. Audit your marketing

If you've already gotten started on your marketing, then you might skip step 2 and just do an audit of your marketing instead.

This handy handy guide and checklist will help you to improve your current marketing results.

4. Get started ...

Do you need to build or revamp your website?

Use our comprehensive guide to building a website. This guide is built just for small business owners who are building a website on a budget - either with a developer or a DIY approach.

Getting started with SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)?

If you need to boost your appearance in the search results, use our comprehensive guide to get started. What is SEO and How it Works – Plain language explanation for the beginner will give you all you need to get started - plus we have a bonus resource with all the low cost tools you need to take a DIY approach to SEO.

Getting started with Social media to market your business?

Social media is all about the right content and then finding ways to engage. But it can be a huge time sap. So we've two great resources to help you get started.

The first resource we recommend is Content Ideas for Social Media- 30 ideas in 30 minutes made super easy. It's got tools and tactics to create idea after idea, to fuel your socials ongoing.

The second resource is to help you pick a social media scheduler to help you get ahead and save you time. This list has been formulated based on the need for maximum help and efficiency and cost, cause we know small businesses have finite resources!

Go to the Best social media scheduler for small business.

Need help with something else? Why now browse our blogs or search for your topic:

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