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Best Marketing Year Yet Workbook

Best Marketing Year Yet for Your Business

Achieving the best year yet for your business is about finding the right focus.

It’s a process of:

  • Focusing your marketing on the key ‘money-making activities by setting clear goals for generating income or sales
  • Knowing what the current barriers are to increasing sales or conversions (an audit)
  • Monitoring and adapting based on the results and data to assess and modify to ensure continuously improving results.

A step-by-step workbook to guide your marketing year

I've put together a workbook that is designed for small business owners to really understand where to put their focus. To remove the barriers and empower them to nail their marketing (and sales goals!) for the coming year.

It's in a Google Doc format so you can use it as a working document to complete your marketing plan that is focused on all the right things.

What you’ll need to execute:

  • Your Google Analytics and other marketing metrics, such as your social media accounts and email
  • The worksheets in our Workbook!
  • A cup of coffee or chai to make it happen
  • A growth mindset and commitment to do the work!

How long will it take?

Depending on how big your marketing program is and how many goals you have set for yourself, set aside a morning to work through the questions and determine your action plan.

I promise it will be worth it! Access the Best Marketing Year Yet Workbook now.

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