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About The Online Fix

The Online Fix started as a digital marketing consultancy that quickly became a go-to place for one-on-one troubleshooting and tailored advice for small business owners getting started with their marketing online. The principal strategist, Kirri  Romero sees literally hundreds of businesses each year and it became apparent that there was knowledge that she needed to share - as it was specific to those small and micro businesses trying to work out the best way to market themselves, without big budgets and skillsets.

Enter The Online Fix as a core resource to provide small business owners with honest - unbiased help on how to approach their marketing. Nothing in it for us except for the odd little piece of revenue from ads displayed on the site. We feel it's a good deal. Advice and help that can be trusted as we're not trying to sell you anything.

What else?

We do see businesses one-on-one, but that's not our main sell here. We work with businesses that either are :

  • At the beginning of their journey and need direction based on what's practical and will deliver the best results for them (including where to put their precious budget) or
  • Those businesses already growing quickly but looking to learn how to optimise and get more out their marketing activities.

We are very happy to impart our knowledge and wisdom so that you can upskill, or we can take on the task of getting results for you.

But when we do work one-on-one we do ...

  • Multichannel marketing strategy, program management and optimisation
  • Ads strategy, optimisation and optional coaching
  • Workshops to help your team collaborate on strategy, planning and upskill them on the necessary tools and tactics to deliver on your marketing program.

Our favourite saying …

It’s never one single thing or channel that makes your marketing work. A single channel focus will leave opportunities on the table and it’s the combination of multiple marketing activities that compound for a result bigger than the input. As multichannel marketers, we know the power of combining the right channels and tactics together for the best result.

About The Online Fix Founder

Kirri Romero, the lead digital strategist and principal consultant, is the driving force of the Online Fix - as an idea generator, adviser and believer in the power of digital to change the trajectory of their businesses. She has over 25 years of experience working in all facets of online, creating successful online experiences working in a variety of industries, from finance to education, food, fashion and health industries. As a top-rated mentor for the ASBAS program, there is a breadth of experience that is at your disposal.

We believe in transparency, sharing our knowledge and experience offering business owners and solopreneurs the perfect hybrid to help their achieve your marketing goals.

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