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Content Ideas for Social Media- 30 ideas in 30 minutes made super easy

content ideas for social media

Content ideas for social media

How to generate content ideas for your social media

Being able to come up with content ideas for social media consistently is essential.  The following are tips on how to come up with ideas to generate great content.

Follow the below to develop 30 content ideas for social media in 30 minutes, along with trends to fuel the creative juices. In fact I challenge you to come up with far more than just 30 ideas!!

Tools and exercises to generate content ideas for social media

  1. Write down 5 questions that you’ve been asked in the last month by your client or customer

  2. Do a search on your topic and see what ‘news – trends, changes, problems’ come up in the press that is popular – write down 5 topics. Google trends, Buzzsumo, and for hashtags

  3. Write down 5 personal anecdotes of you or your customers that your product or service has helped

  4. Look at the seasonal and events and ‘days’ calendar and work out the relationship between your business eg. Changing from spring to summer, Halloween, Day of the dead, Melbourne cup, Football finals, the day of the blah blah For a HR company - Melbourne Cup and tips on drinking or at work functions or – write down 5 topics

  5. Think about your office and daily routine – people you are meeting with, places you are going, then pick 5 activities that you can post on

  6. Think of someone you can interview in relation to your business? Eg. A customer, or industry leader – write down 5 questions for them to answer

  7. Tools that will help you come up with topics and ideas are:

    An extension of these tools is to also think about keyword research tools (which the above have element of eg. answer the public).

    I recommend the following as a rich set of ideas:

    - Google - honestly look at the drop down suggestions when you do a search and the related searches. Also pay attention a little further down the page to the questions also asked. Rich fodder!

    - Keywords Everywhere is my favourite keyword research tool and will provide you with a rich set of related keywords.

    You should be able to get far more than 5 ideas from these!!

Update as at July 2023 on content ideas for social media

Ok, with the advent of all the AI tools for marketing, it seems only right to update this article to include some ideas on how to use them to assist with even more ideas for generating content ideas for social media.

All of these will provide a list of ideas if you just ask!!

content idea for social media using AI tools - and Bing Chat

You will also find that many of the social media management tools are also now introducing AI into their tools. The following tools have a great  feature to help with social media content ideas by using AI to take old content from your socials and revamp and repurpose.

Two that I have tested most recently are:


If you can't get more social media content ideas than you know what to do with from this list of tools and activities... what can I say!

Good luck. If you know of some other tools that are super handy why not comment below so I can add them to the list.


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