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SEO Quickies for the beginner

SEO quickie for beginner links

SEO Quickies for the beginner

There's a lot of factors that will impact on your organic search ranking - or where you web page appears within a Google search results. 

One of those things is inbound links to your website ie. other websites linking or referring to your website. Without inbound links you will struggle to get any kind of page one results in Google.

Two websites that can assist your ranking with Google is to have inbound links from your Google Business account and Youtube.

This is because Google ranks certain sites as 'authoritative' or as carrying weight with their referral. Both Google and Youtube are trusted by Google because, surprise surprise, Google owns them.

So two simple things you can do to help with your organic rankings are:

  1. Set up your Google Business page and link back to your website.
  2. Set up a Youtube channel and again, link back to your website. You don't need to have a  lot of videos, just one or two. A simple approach if this isn't really your cup of tea is to do a talking video on your product range - quick and simple and gives you a reason to link back.

Now you might be wondering about other search engines like Yahoo and Bing. Well they currently hold approximately 10% each to Google's 66% plus share of the market. Yes if you have a market that makes use of other search engines you should very much optimise for them, but for sheer bang for buck on a small time budget, Google should the initial focus of any SEO efforts to start with.

Happy linking.


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