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Ads Case Study – How not to waste money on your ads!

By | June 10, 2021
ads casestudy

Ads case study on spending money on ads with the wrong channel mix and lack of transparent reporting, plus tips on how to audit your own ads.

How to write content for your marketing – when you’re not a writer!

By | October 28, 2018
How to write content for your digital marketing

How to write content for your business efficiently when you’re not a writer. Tools, tips and a process to get the words out of your head and into your marketing!

Can Lego Teach Us Something About Social Media?

By | April 3, 2017
What lego can teach us about digital marketing

Lego have launched their own social media platform which provides some key lessons on how to effectively use social media. The platform for young kiddies, speaks directly to the children, as well as to the secondary audience, their parents. They were clever in answering all the questions upfront, in a language that resonated with both the kids and their parents, as well as creating a simple interface that made it easy for the kids to work out and start using quickly.

The forecast is cloudy – and that’s great!

By | January 25, 2017

For small business, one of the great trends that is very much in favour of small business is the explosion of cloud based, hosted or online services that are now available. It gives the smart business owner the opportunity to get ahead of their competitors and have access to online tools and  functionality that used to only be available to those companies with large IT budgets. 

How to use Place, Time and Offer to get more customers

By | February 9, 2016
Marketing to time and place

Anyone in business online is always looking for the most effective way to bring more qualified customers in the digital door. Some simple rules around understanding the best place, time and offer can make a huge difference. 

How to use LinkedIn to market your small business for free

By | January 2, 2016

If you’re wanting a way to promote your small business for free then LinkedIn may be an option for you to consider. LinkedIn is a complicated beast. It wears many hats. It’s not just for touting your resume when you’re looking for a job.  Follow me on a my sugar induced explanation of how to use LinkedIn to market your small business for free.

Increase your sales by using your abandoned cart well

By | December 4, 2015

I went shopping at three of my favourite stores this week online. I dreamt big and racked up a couple thousands of dollars of purchases, some shoes (for myself and my dog), a poncho and and glitzy iphone cover. Then I abandoned them, hoping they would care enough to chase after me. They didn\’t. What a missed opportunity. 

What is Google Search Console?

By | November 1, 2015
what is google search console

It’s easy to increase your discoverability by the search engines to increase your search rankings simply by telling them where you are and requesting regular revisits to update their index of your site.

Website loading speed and what you can do about it

By | October 18, 2015

Website loading speed matters because a) people do not have any patience for slow loading website and b) Google only ranks those sites that load fast. How to test your website speed and what can you do to control the speed?

What to ask for from your web developer

By | September 21, 2015
What to ask your web developer for when you brief them

Knowing what to ask your web developer as part of your brief to them can save you a lot of grief and disappointment by making sure you get some web fundamentals addressed as part of your initial website build. Both you and your developer will be glad.

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