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Digital marketing is ever-evolving, and what works is a moving target.

Keeping your team’s skills and knowledge along with fresh thinking can make your efforts pop. Why not …

invest in your team…

  • Develop your digital strategy as a team in a facilitated collaboration

  • Ensure that your digital program and the skills available are aligned to your business goals

  • Train and support your team’s skills and knowledge to align with the latest digital tactics and trends, as well as your digital strategy.



Kirri & The Online Fix have so much knowledge and shares it so willingly. She intuitively knows the individual, so all the information received, feels customised for you and your business. And as I’m not so fond of ‘plodding along with my socials’ – she even made it exciting! Made me want to go home and start putting into practice, her wonderful suggestions.
— Christine Pedley

Digital strategy workshops

We work with your team to develop the best approach to digital to achieve your business KPIs’.

Each workshop is designed based on your business goals. The workshop will cover:

  • An audit of your current work program and assessment of what’s working and what’s not

  • A look at the current digital landscape and trends for your industry

  • Additional data and insights that you and your team can provide.


The workshop will allow us to arrive at a clear strategic direction that reflects your audience’s digital behavior and how best to leverage this to achieve your business goals.


Following the workshop, we will clearly articulate the strategy and devleop a detailed tactical action plan.

It’s everything you need for the most effective use of digital and ensures your team has a clear path forward to ‘make it happen’!


Upskilling workshps

Digital is fast-moving and continually evolving, as is your audience and how they use it.

What worked last year won’t necessarily work this year.

Upskilling for maximum impact

To support your team and help them keep abreast of the latest digital trends and tactics that work, we can develop tailored inhouse training.

The training is responsive to your business’s exsiting skillset and is designed to give them the skills necessary to implement your digital strategy for maximum impact.

Areas that we cover are:

  • Social media, in particuar tactics, content and measurement

  • Content planning, ideation and creation for search and thought leadership

  • Funnel creation and optimising with the right technology platforms

  • Paid promotion management, including strategy, ad structures, budget optimisation and creative.



Kirri Romero & the Online Fix team not only thoroughly knows their stuff, but Kirri stands out for her ability
to really listen and for the intuitive way she hones in on the heart of a business.
— Virginia Lawrence




We tailor the strategy workshops and training to your team and business needs.

Your team is only as good as their ability to implement well and the support they have from their management team.

We can help you develop their expertise while ensuring your business has all the necessary ‘tools’ it needs to succeed.

Designed for you

Workshops start at $750, but a chat is needed to understand your business before we can provide you with a quote.



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