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Marketing Strategy

Marketing Strategy, Planning, Optimising

Planning for results

Good marketing that delivers on your sales targets requires strategic thinking, practical planning, and an ability to optimise with a clear measurement plan.

We work with businesses to develop multichannel marketing strategies, content plans and to optimise and improve results ongoing through measurement and ongoing optimisation.

The ultimate goal

The ultimate goal is all about generating leads and sales consistently.

Your marketing needs to tap into what will be most effective for your business.

We approach your strategy, content planning and optimisation by considering the entire customer journey and looking at each stage of the customer journey. Each stage is a point to measure – optimise and maximise your marketing results.

This is what will deliver you a flywheel of ongoing and improving results.

How we develop your marketing strategy

Learn and analyse

  1. Gain your input and knowledge of your clients and industry sector to draw out the insights we need to understand your business and find the opportunities to tap into.

  2. Audit and review to dive into your current marketing and analytics to understand what’s worked, and where there are further opportunities. We will also sense check your target audience against your positioning.

  3. Reconnaissance and analysis of your competitors and the behavior of your target audience.

Strategise and map out an approach

  1. Develop a customer engagement map that provides a high-level overview of how to target the right people and turn them into leads and sales. This determines the overall strategy identifying key points of traction for your business.

  2. A tactical plan falls out of the customer engagement map, identifying all of the detail of which channels, tactics and content are needed to put your best foot forward to generate leads and convert into sales.

  3. Determine a practical measurement plan to ensure we can track every stage of your marketing to optimise and look for ongoing opportunities and improvement - and keep your marketing focused on delivering results.

Practical priorities

  1. A priority action plan that identifies what needs to be the initial focus, and then thereafter.

  2. We also include budget estimates to execute the plan and help with your budgeting.

  3. Each strategy is accompanied by a workshop meeting to talk through the approach and next steps to get the work done.

A strategy is only as good the action that follows - and for every strategy we are able to provide guidance on the best way to get the work done.

We have a tried and tested network of freelancers that we are able to
match to your specific needs

If you don’t want a full marketing strategy done, why not book in for a Strategy Call & Consult? Click through to find out more.

Is this a good fit for your business?

Marketing only works when it is executed with persistent consistency so we understand that your strategy needs to be ‘achievable’ and focused on what will deliver results.

We also put a focus on optimisation – that’s why every strategy we do includes a clear measurement plan for each stage.

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