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Get ‘unstuck’

Getting your marketing right… cripes, even getting your marketing done is hard as a small business owner who has many many demands on your time!

Here’s the thing. It’s not uncommon to feel ‘stuck’.

Stuck because you don’t know where to start or focus your budget and time.

Stuck because there are only so many hours in the day.

Stuck because you know you need to market yourself in order to grow,
but you’re not sure how to get the work done – and do it effectively.

Forward movement starts with clarity

You have questions and determination.
What’s missing is clarity on how to move forward most effectively.

It is hard to be clear on how to tackle your marketing
when you know you don’t have all the answers, and the options are endless.

Clarity comes from input and perspective

The solution is being able to get expert input on your business.

Input that is not generic but tailored to your business and provides perspective based on what will work best to market your business for results.

Last year we saw over 300 businesses to help them get unstuck.

They all needed answers, input based on where they were at with their business and help to work out the priorities and how to get the work done.

Some needed help with content and their socials, others to work out why their ads were not working and other’s still needed to start from scratch and determine a marketing plan for their business.

What they had in common was the need to get ‘unstuck’ and start marketing their business for results.


Strategy & Solution Session

A strategy and solution session with the Online Fix will provide you with:

  • Independent and tailored advice not influenced by a ‘service’ to sell you

  • Input on which channels and tactics will deliver the most impact on your business

  • An assessment of your current marketing and where you can improve

  • Answers to your questions, and help to bridge the gap between what you know and how to apply it to your business

  • Practical input on how to get the work done most effectively, based on your own strengths, skills and resources available to you

  • Perspective on what needs to be done to get the results you want from your marketing.



  • Book in for your session

  • Provide us some basic details about your business

  • We will review your digital footprint before the session

  • Session is online, with shared screens and recording

  • The session will provide you with an independent evaluation of your business\’s digital marketing efforts with your own dedicated seasoned marketer and strategist

Remove the noise & focus on what will make the biggest difference to your marketing results


Invest in your business and yourself

  • One-on-one session (allow up to two hours)

  • Summary notes & action plan plus recording

  • $370 plus GST

  • 10-hour one-on-one sessions, and flexibility on session times

  • Summary notes & action plan plus recording

  • $1,550 plus GST

  • 10-hour one-on-one session, and flexibility on session times

  • 10 hours of digital marketing support to get the work done for you

  • Summary notes & action plan plus recording

  • $2,295 plus GST



who will be your marketing strategist?


Kirri Romero and business owner of The Online Fix is a trusted mentor and workshop strategists for the Government Small Business Advisory Service. She has worked with over 300 small business owners in the last 12 months, and is known for being an idea generator, honest and expert adviser. Kirri is a believer in the power of digital to change the trajectory of a small business. Learn more about The Online Fix.


Kirri Romero is a trusted mentor and workshop strategist for the Government Small Business Advisory Service which is currently heavily subsidising the cost of a solutions session with Kirri. Instead of the usual $370 fee, it is only $44.

About the Digital Solutions Program

Digital Solutions – Australian Small Business Advisory Services is critical in supporting small businesses by delivering high-quality, tailored information across metro and regional Victoria. Join the Digital Solutions program for a one-off package fee of $44. This membership provides access to attend workshops on business topics such as social media, websites and selling online, business branding, content and design, and online marketing. Program members can also access one-on-one mentoring with expert mentors and upskill by undertaking online courses. Please note that Victorian small businesses must be for-profit with an active ABN and have under 20 FTE employees to participate in this program.

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