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How to use the Instagram collaboration feature and work with influencers 

How to use the Instagram collaboration feature and work with influencers

How to use the Instagram collaboration feature

The Instagram collaboration feature allows you to publish a post to two different accounts. It's a great feature, allowing you to work with other accounts, whether it's a local business you work closely with or with an influencer.

Even better, this kind of engagement strategy is perfect for a small business owner trying to grow their following by exposing their brand to new audiences.

Read on for tips on injecting collaboration and working with influencers into your Instagram account.

The power of Instagram collaboration the small business way!

In the dynamic world of Instagram for small businesses, tapping into collaboration and influencer partnerships can be your catalyst for rapid growth. This strategic approach opens the door to expansion and engagement, giving your brand much more exposure.

Working with Influencers as part of an Instagram Collaboration Strategy

Influencer marketing is a powerhouse strategy for swiftly expanding your reach. By partnering with individuals who possess a substantial following within your target audience, you gain the opportunity to amplify your product or service promotion. Here's a breakdown of influencer categories:

  • Macro Influencer: Over 100,000 followers
  • Micro-Influencer: Between 1,000 and 100,000 followers
  • Nano Influencer: Less than 1,000 followers

While it's tempting to view more as better, data shows that the smaller the following, the more engaged their followers will be and the more traction or benefit you are likely to see from any Instagram collaboration.

This also means that working with micro and nano influencers is a far more attainable and affordable goal for a small business than needing to focus on the top tier.


Step-by-Step Guide to Instagram Collaboration with Influencers

If you're going to work with an influencer, it's important to make sure they are a good fit for your business. This means doing some research. This is easy. It's simple to spend time on their account, following and engaging with their content.

It's useful to use the explore tab on Instagram to find relevant influencers, searching with keywords related to your product or service. Following and exploring hashtags is another way.

To help make it easier to identify potential candidates, the following platforms can be useful, as they offer great research opportunities and may even help to 'engage' the influencer.

Leverage tools like Buzzsumo for thorough research and assessment

Marketplace platforms such as : - has an Australian creator focus - matching platform  - matching platform

Initiating Instagram Collaboration: The Right Approach

Strive for a balanced partnership by defining the terms that benefit both parties. Consider exchanges like one blog post for ten shares, two posts for one blog post, or monetary compensation for specific content.

Genuine Engagement: Start engaging with influencers' content, building rapport and showcasing your interest.

Form a Connection: Establish a meaningful connection, creating a positive impression of your brand.

Pitch and Sample: Offer a sample and propose a collaboration that aligns with their expertise, audience, and values.

Check Alignment: Ensure expertise, audience match, brand alignment, and reach all align with your brand.

Sealing the Deal: A Fair Exchange

Key Considerations:

  • Posts should stay up for at least 24 hours.
  • You often provide the image and commentary.
  • Measure the effectiveness of shout-outs.
  • Collaborator-created content fosters authenticity.
  • Measuring Impact and Collaboration: A Holistic Approach

Measure the impact of influencer activity by aligning it with specific goals. This could include increasing sales, strengthening your brand identity, engaging your core target market, or reaching new audiences.

Engagement Metrics to Consider:

  • Engagement Percentage and Cost Per Engagement
  • Sales attribution through unique codes or URLs
  • Unlocking Collaboration Opportunities: Expanding Your Horizons

Instagram collaboration isn't limited to influencers but to collaborating with other businesses, organisations, or community figures. These collaborations expand your visibility and strengthen relationships within the Instagram community.

As a process:

  1.   Research and Identity: Pinpoint potential influencers aligned with your brand's values and audience.
  2.   Engage and Assess: Follow and engage with them genuinely, getting to know their content style and audience.
  3.   Craft Your Pitch: Develop a compelling pitch and campaign brief that resonates with their style and your brand.
  4.   Approach: Reach out authentically, expressing your interest in a partnership.
  5.   Agree on Terms: Define collaboration terms, ensuring a mutually beneficial exchange.
  6.   Measure and Assess: Evaluate the impact of the collaboration based on predetermined goals.

Instagram Collaboration for Small Business

How to use the Instagram collaboration feature - joint post

It doesn't have to be an influencer that you work with. It can be a genuine collaboration with another account or small business with synergy and a common goal.

However, identifying and reaching out to a potential collaborator is unlike working with the influencer. The difference is that you are looking for something other than a paid promotion outcome but a joint project or content outcome.

Ideas for Collaboration:

  • Look for campaigns that are being run by your local council, such as #shoplocal
  • Cross-promotions with fellow businesses
  • Takeovers and joint posts
  • Video collaborations
  • Combined product shoots
  • Challenge posts, contests
  • Design collaborations: This is common with products and designers
  • Expert interviews
  • Run an event together.

How to Execute Instagram Collaboration Joint Posts

  1. Create Your Post: Create content that aligns with the collaborative theme.
  2. Click Next
  3. Add your caption
  4. Tap Tag People
  5. Tap Invite Collaborators and search for their account. You can add up to three accounts.
  6. Then publish as normal
  7. Let your collaborators know you've posted – but they will also receive a notification in their messages to accept the join post. Once they accept it, the post will also appear in their feed.

The post will show all the collaborators at the top of the post.

Collaboration and influencer partnerships are potent tools to drive your small business's growth and engagement on Instagram. By strategically connecting with like-minded individuals and businesses, you unlock new avenues of exposure and amplify your brand's voice in the digital sphere.

Want to explore using Instagram for small business? We have a comprehensive beginner guide that covers all the tactics you need to know.



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